Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Does photographing a person steal their soul? In certain tribal communities, this is a sincerely held belief; indeed, many Native Americans have long believed that photographs capture the souls of the living and imprison them within the photographic image. If taking a photograph of the living can steal souls, what happens if you photograph something dead or inanimate? Do the dead or non-living have souls? If so, can the souls of the dead be stolen by photographing them?


Blogger andrew said...

hello, Mr.Bailey,

my name is Lie Andrew Hakim, a young digital artist in Indonesia, quite a faithful Christian that's trying to make a living off the digital arts area,

anyways just a couple of days ago when a co-worker of mine, a non-believer joked 'you wanna see ghost-appearance'?' and then that's when i saw this in this photograph...

it may look like a regular red-eye, but on that exact day, i was really battling myself against cigarette, and in our church - we believe the manifestation of the Holy Spirit and that the body shall be kept holy..and then so i saw the 'evil spirit' of cigarette right there in the picture (i was quite shocked myself)...

there are more in my blog, you might wanna check it out


i will update the blog in pretty soon, i hope u have something interesting to share,

thank's Sir,
take care, God Bless

12:37 AM  
Blogger javier said...

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